Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Othello Platform on Yahoo Japan

On top of the much popular www.playok.com, there is a new Othello playing platform on Yahoo Japan!
The figure below shows the sample user interface.

The system runs on Flash and features an interesting checkered board as the playing board with the usual black and white discs. On top of that, there is a realistic flipping sound together with the disc flipping animation as you make each move.

Each user gets to select and even dress up their avatar in the game room. The best thing about this rating system is that you are ranked relative to the result of your first game as your first rating almost immediately. This removes the need for people to play say many games in order to climb up to a high rating immediately.

Overall, I am thinking this interface is really fun and there are a lot more active players at this site (usually 300-600) from time to time. Unfortunately, for those who do not really understand Japanese will need to learn a little bit of the language to make it convenient for you to register an account, and play games at the site of course.

Players who wish to play at the Yahoo Japan site can register an account here: http://yahoo-mbga.jp/stdgame/300004?_ref=aff%3Dyhm50004

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