Sunday, February 23, 2014

Advanced Class Initiated!

Advanced Class Initiated!

Hello everyone, it's been probably one year and nine months since I last came back to continue writing on this blog. During this past twenty one months, it's been a crazy time for me. I started off working at my first job, represented Singapore in the Othello World Cup 2013 in Tokyo, Japan at Tokyo Skytree complex, scored 5/7 wins at the 34th Meijin-Sen 2013 at Sumida Riverside hall at the Asakusa area to achieve a Japanese 3 Dan. Most recently, hosting the final Othello World Cup 2014 in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. 

After the dust of those events have settled, I have decided to come back to what I love doing, writing my blog to share my knowledge and experience in Othello with the world. I was surprised to see that the blog has had substantial page views over the past year and a half or so and I really appreciate all the support from visitors. Really hope that whatever I have shared has benefitted all of you one way or another in your Othello playing standards.

Remaining steadfast in our committment  to coaching Othello at local schools, this year, the Othello Organisation (Singapore) is also looking to kick start workshops free of charge for all people in Singapore (although targeting mainly students) to learn Othello. At the same time, I think for those who wish to learn from home, building online teaching bases or platforms would be great as well. Thus, I am also doing my part to build a teaching syllabus according to what I feel would be great ways for people to pick up this game. 

In the basic and intermediate class, essential terms and entry-level maneuvers in the game were covered. To complement the earlier items covered, the advanced class will be focused primarily from the opening to the midgame covering numerous standard sequences (as far as I can try to cover) for players to learn the possible plays as well as how and why particular sequences seems to, more often than not, show up in games between stronger players.