Othello Academy was created to share the love of this wonderful game with everyone in the world on 30th April 2012. It seeks to introduce this intriguing intellectual board game by sharing information, news, related merchandise, and last but not least Othello strategies for the beginner, intermediate and the advanced class players.
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Welcome to the Othello Academy! I am Alex Koh Bo Chao and this blog will be focused mainly on the board game Othello (otherwise known as Reversi). It will cover a range of general information with regards to Othello, the game rules, news and various strategies i have developed over the past 4 years of active researching and participation in Othello tournaments all over the world. Before i move to the core content, i would really like to share with you how my Othello career has been like over the past 4 years.

Over these past 4 years, I co-founded the Othello Organisation (Singapore) in 2009 running events for the people in the community and meeting many individuals in Singapore. I was also fortunate to collect a few titles including the National University of Singapore (NUS) Reversi Champion, NUS Inter-faculty Games (Reversi) Gold Medals, Singapore Professional Othello League Champion, Singapore Othello Masters Series Champion. In the international Othello scene, I managed to win 1st Runner Up at the Sosuco Thailand Othello Championship and I also represented Singapore in the 35th World Othello Championship 2011 and managed to obtain 13th Place. On top of that, i also represented Singapore in the 33rd Japan Meijin Title Tournament 2012 which is widely recognised as one of the most competitive Othello tournaments in the World attended by perhaps the most number of past World Champions each year. I managed to attain 4.5 wins out of 7 rounds and was awarded a 2 Dan qualification recognised by the Japanese Othello Association. My current world rank at the time of this piece of writing stands at 54 with a corresponding world rating of 2234.

I have also had the privlege to study the game from many Othello masters such as Suekuni Makoto from Japan (1997 World Champion a.k.a. zard2001) who was previously based in Singapore for a period of 4 years, Benjamin Seeley from the United States (2003/2004 World Champion a.k.a. foompykatt) who has played countless blitz games online with me. I would also like to thank specially Lee Choon Foong and Chew Ching Wuen who have been great mentors and inspiration to me in Othello. The rivalries i have experienced both in the local and international tournaments have been truly intense and exciting!

The international friendship ties i have managed to garner over this short period of 4 years is truly amazing with friends in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, USA, Great Britain, Holland, Norway and so many more. I believe the skills and values i have gained in playing Othello is immense, the people i have met and experiences i have had in the world of Othello all over the world has been truly rewarding. Therefore, i truly hope that many more individuals seeking to find a place of your interests come and explore more about Othello and join me in this rewarding journey!

Thank you and i hope that you enjoy my posts from here on out.

WZebra User Interface
Although there exists many different types of Othello/Reversi programs and software in the market now, the one that will be used for presentation and lessons here will be of the freeware named WZebra which is one of the most popular software engines which people use to analyse Othello games nowadays. It was created by Gunnar Andersson and Lars Ivansson in 2005. The software features a simple yet elegant user interface and carries various useful features such as game analysis, book learning, data mining from the Thor database which carries thousands of games played since 1977 in major championships and many more. This is definitely one of the most preferred software to be used for Othello training. One should be able to easily find the free-to-download link online when searching for "WZebra" in most search engines.

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